ICAZ Neotropical Zooarchaeology Working Group (NZWG)

Call for Papers - ICAZ 2014 proposed Session: Neotropical Zooarchaeology
12th International Conference of the International Council for Archaeozoology
San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina
September 22-27, 2014
Fellow researchers,

We are calling for contributions for a proposed 2014 ICAZ symposium on Neotropical Zooarchaeology, which would also stand as the 2nd Academic Meeting of the ICAZ Neotropical Zooarchaeology Working Group (NZWG). Those interested in participating should please contact any of the NZWG Coordinators by June 25, 2013: Pablo M. Fernández, pfernand@retina.ar; Mariana Mondini, mmondini@filo.uba.ar; A. Sebastián Muñoz, amunoz@filo.uba.ar

A number of particularities that characterize the Neotropics -the biogeographic region ranging from southern North America to southern South America and adjacent islands- are relevant to understanding the diversity and evolution of human-animal interactions through time, as well as the properties of the resulting archaeofaunal record. The mission of the Neotropical Zooarchaeology Working Group (NZWG) is to offer a forum where people can meet from any country interested in these research problems. And so is the spirit of the proposed session.

This follows up a tradition started by two of us at the 2006 ICAZ International Conference, when the first session on Neotropical Zooarchaeology and Taphonomy was organized, most of which was then published in Quaternary International volume 180(1), 2008. Then a similar session was organized at the 2010 ICAZ International Conference by T. Wake. At the same Conference, the ICAZ Neotropical Zooarchaeology Working Group (NZWG), which had recently been approved, held its first meeting. And in 2012, the NZWG held its first academic meeting in Santiago de Chile, and the papers there presented are to be submitted to the Etnobiología journal. The NZWG working group has been growing ever since its beginning at the last ICAZ International Conference and has now nearly 120 members.
If you are interested in the proposed session and/or in joining the NZWG, don´t hesitate to contact us!

Kind regards,
Session Organizers / NZWG-ICAZ Coordinators

Pablo M. Fernández (CONICET - INAPL, pfernand@retina.ar)
Mariana Mondini (IDACOR, CONICET - UBA, mmondini@filo.uba.ar)
A. Sebastián Muñoz (IDACOR, CONICET - UNC, amunoz@filo.uba.ar)


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